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The East Main Street Underpass during construction. The truck in the background is parked on the existing trail. The bulldozers are building the ramp for the new underpass. In the background, the Chicago Great Western Railway's bridge over Linn Creek still remains. On the right is Keelor Steel. This photo was taken from the East Main Street bridge. View to the south.

The East Main Street Underpass . The truck in the above photo is just visible in the upper right. In this view to the south also, we can see the East Main Street bridge, our vantage point in the above photo. Before this new underpass was constructed, bicyclists had to ride over the bridge. This was a terrible area in terms of visibility. Just to the right of the bridge 12 Avenue intersects Main Street.  On the right, trees obscured  automobile traffic, and on the left, the arch of the bridge obscured cars coming west. Pulling out from the stop sign, one could see to the west if it was clear, however automobiles coming across the bridge were invisible until they reached the halfway point. A Big Thank you to the city of Marshalltown for eliminating this headache. 

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